Hunting in Hungary

Hunting in Hungary

Hunting in Hungary
Hungary is a country with more than a thousand years of hunting traditions. Local hunting farms-as a rule, former hunting grounds of the Austro-Hungarian nobles-abound with large and small game. It is one of the best countries in Central Europe for hunting fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, European ROE deer, red deer, as well as pheasant, hare and duck.

Hunting season:

  • 15.04-30.09-European roe deer hunting;
  • 01.09-31.01 – red deer hunting;
  • 01.09-31.12 – dappled deer hunting;
  • 01.09-31.03 – mouflon hunting;
  • 15.09-31.01 – European fallow deer hunting;
  • 01.11-15.01 – corral hunting.
  • Methods of hunting:

    stalk, corral hunting.

    Accommodation and meals:

    staying in cozy hunting houses or ancient castles-hotels, as well as in spa-hotels with a thermal complex, the splendor of Hungarian cuisine and a wide selection of drinks.

    Visa requirements:

    visa is required, a permit for the import of hunting weapons and ammunition, as well as for the export of hunting trophies.