Bison hunting

Bison hunting in Belarus

Bison hunting
Hunting bison in Belarus is possible all year round. It is possible to hunt only those bison, which belongs to the reserve gene pool.
The bison of the reserve gene pool includes bison which are included in the book of bison of the reserve gene pool and conforming to the following criteria:

  • with any signs of exhaustion lasting more than six months;
  • sick animals with complications and injured animals with life-threatening injuries;
  • born with abnormalities in physical development;
  • female bison over the age of 18 and males older than 14 years;
  • young males which were expelled from the herds during the Yar, who left the subpopulation area, migrated to a distance of more than 50 kilometers and did not return within three months.
  • Venue:

    South-Western part of the Republic of Belarus.

    Terms and methods of hunting:

    All year round-individually from the approach or from the tower.
    The optimal time for hunting is the end of December-March, when the animal’s coat is considered to be the best in its quality characteristics.


    Modern comfortable cottages or hotels.
    Meals-full board.
    Bison hunting