Hunting in Kamchatka

Hunting in Kamchatka

Hunting in Kamchatka
Magnificent wildlife attracts hunters from all around the world to Kamchatka. A few years ago, a trip to the Peninsula was considered as a very expensive and questionable adventure, now professional hunters meet here every year.

Hunting season:

Kamchatka brown bear:

  • Spring hunting: April 25-May 25;
  • Autumn hunting: August 25-October 1.
  • Chukchi moose:

  • September 30-October 14;
  • November 25-December 23.
  • Kamchatka snow sheep:

  • August 1-September 20.
  • Koryak snow sheep:

  • August 1 – mid-September.
  • Way of hunting:

    Hunting in spring: brown bear hunting is carried out during the release of animals from the dens. As a rule, this happens in the presence of a stable snow cover, which allows you to perfectly trail the bear. Snowmobiles are used as a vehicle in the land. Using a snowmobile allows you to explore a large area, which greatly increases the chance to detect the beast.

    Hunting in autumn:hunting Kamchatka brown bear is carried out in places of concentration of animals on spawning grounds, berries and pine elfin nuts. Hunting is carried out with the approach in the morning and evening hours. Horses or boats are used in some areas.

    Stalking is held in the winter. Ideal weather conditions for the approach to the beast are snow, snowstorm and thaw. In this weather, the moose can not hear the hunter, and an experienced huntsman can bring the hunter to the animal a few meters. Looking for elk in the places of their usual meal, carefully avoiding all of the proposed habitat.

    Accommodation and meals:

    Tent camps are equipped for hunting a snow sheep, the casting in which is carried out by helicopter. The hunters live in 1-2 person tents, equipped with field cots. For cooking and eating set tent-dining room, which is equipped with a gas stove and a furnace. As a rule, the camp has an electric generator. If necessary, you can go to flying camps from the central camp.
    While hunting Chukotka moose, hunters as a matter of fact are located in comfortable bases, and sometimes in rural houses having no amenities.
    Hunting in Kamchatka