Hunting in Austria

Hunting in Austria

Austria is a small European country with a very rich variety of game species. Austria is characterized by Central European and Alpine fauna: ROE deer, deer, chamois, Alpine ibex, mouflon, fallow deer, capercailye, black grouse, hare, pheasant, partridge.

Hunting time:

  • March-may: Chamois + Mouflon + wild Boar + Alpine Capricorn
  • June-August: Chamois + Mouflon + wild Boar + Alpine ibex + ROE + fallow Deer (from 1st august)
  • September-February: Chamois + Mouflon + wild Boar + Alpine ibex + ROE Deer (up to 15. Septem.) + DOE + Deer
  • Way of hunting:


    Accommodation and meals during the hunt:

    Accommodation during the hunt is organized in a comfortable hunting lodge.

    Visa requirements:

    Austria is a member country of the Schengen agreement. Citizens of Belarus need a visa to enter Austria.

    Customs regulations:

    Permission is required to import hunting weapons and ammunition, as well as to export hunting trophies.
    Hunting in Austria