Hunting in Azerbaijan

Hunting in Azerbaijan

Hunting in Azerbaijan
Hunting in Azerbaijan is a great option to try real mountain hunting and fall in love with it forever. We can claim that the best hunt the Dagestan auroch is here, as well as the largest trophies.

Hunting season:

from June 1 to December 1.

Way of hunting:


Accommodation and meals:

In the base camp, guests are accommodated in a detached house with two 2-bed rooms. Shower and toilet are equipped outside the house. While hunting the volatile camp are used.

Visa requirements:

Citizens of Belarus do not need a visa to stay in Azerbaijan for up to 90 days. Thus for Belarusian citizens entering the territory of Azerbaijan is possible only at presence of the passport.
If the period of stay in the country exceeds 30 days, it is necessary to register in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Azerbaijan.
Hunting in Azerbaijan